Monday , December 9 2019

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Catch pet with 100% success rate

In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love pets are an important feature that lets us level up quickly, kill mobs faster or get rare and costly items. Each pet boosts our character’s stats, therefore it’s essential to choose a pet based not only on our likings but also the class synergy. Since …

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How to get Gold Lunatic skin

Similarly as with Gold Poring and other pets’ final skins, in order to get the Gold Lunatic skin for your pet unlocked, first of all you need to reach Intimacy Level 10. Remember that the change is purely cosmetic and no stats boost occurs upon unlocking. In my opinion the …

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How to unlock The Elite Adventurer, The Goddess Kiss/The Fissure, The Blessing/The Wind hairstyles (Hairstyle Voucher & Hair Design Guide explained)

There are currently three premium hairstyles in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love that can be unlocked not through regular quests but the item called Hairstyle Voucher. Hairstyle Voucher can currently be obtained only through Fantasy Generator Feast – a machine that appears in the middle of Prontera during the premium events. Fantasy Generator Feast location …

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Female Prontera Hairstyles

As you progress in the game and continue with the quests, you can unlock various hairstyles. Completing a certain quest unlocks the equivalents of the same hairstyle for both female and male. You can change the hairstyle at Barber’s Shop. Each town has different hairstyles that the NPC offers us. …

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