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How to get Gold Poring skin

You can choose the skin of your pet completely free of charge when you reach Intimacy level 10. It’s a pure cosmetic change as in terms of stats, they remain the same as when the basic skin is chosen.

In my opinion the fastest and cheapest way is to purchase a few Green Apples through Exchange and gift them to your Poring (click on pet’s icon and choose Gift). Green Apple is 8-12k zeny/each and you will need 6-8 of them to get Poring from intimacy level 1 to level 10.

If you prefer to do it the cost-less way, please check the guide below.

Check: How to increase Pet Intimacy

When your Poring is level 10, click on its icon (it’s in the top-left corner, below the character’s icon), then Check. The pop-up with its stats will show up. Click on Poring avatar in bottom-left corner.

Click on the Poring avatar

You will be able to choose your pet’s new skin!

Choose the skin!

That’s all! Enjoy your pet’s new look.


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