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How to increase Pet Intimacy

Unlike in Classic RO, focusing on your pet’s development in ROM: EL is very profitable. The pet will assist us in battles, boost our characters’ stats and provide us with various items (often rare ones!) from Pet Adventure or Pet Labor. The higher pet’s level and pet’s intimacy are, the more efficient the pet can be.

Reaching Pet Intimacy level 7 and 10 unlocks respectively possibility to equip it with headgear (the blueprints and mats are pricey however) and choose the special skin for them.

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Intimacy might be increased in the following ways:

  • daily grind – let your pet assist you during farming, daily rifts, etc.
  • petting – do it every 10-15 minutes for the best results; there is a petting interval time and spamming it will give no results
Click the pet’s icon and choose Pet
  • feeding the pet with crafted food – pets really like Dark Dish, so if you accidentally create one during cooking, save it for them; feed the pet every 15-30 min for best results
Go to bag, choose the cooking box, later the dish and choose For pets
  • feeding the pet with taming items – the most expensive but also the best way to increase the pet’s intimacy
  1. If you own a taming item (eg. Green Apple for Poring), click on pet’s icon and choose Gift to increase its intimacy instantly
  2. There is a limit of 10 gifts a day
  3. Do not spam the gifts, wait 30-60 minutes between each one for the best results.
  4. Each pet needs a different number of taming items to has its intimacy increased. For example for Poring 4 Green Apples are enough to get its intimacy level to 8, for Isis it will only get you to level 2. Green Petite needs 12 Shining Stones to reach intimacy level 7.
  5. You can get the taming items from Pet Material Shop in South Prontera (for Colorful Shells) or from Exchange (for Zeny). Some monsters drop the taming items too but the droprate is very low, therefore I suggest not to farm specially for the given items.
Pet Material Shop in South Prontera
Exchange NPC > Item > Pet material
Click on the item to know which monster you can tame with it

Note that intimacy level goes faster up, when pet’s mood is good! Therefore being regular in petting and feeding is the key to success.

The higher the intimacy, the higher the percentage on the top left is (in Pet Adventure, it indicates the possible success). The percentage reflects the drop rate of the mission. All pets must have intimacy level 5 at least to enter the missions.

It can take months to reach intimacy level 10 on high-leveled monsters like for example Baphomet Jr. if you can’t afford taming items, therefore you need a lot of patience to unlock that fancy skin!


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