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Blush Blueprint – how to get it and unlock Blush Headgear (headwear quest)

Blush Blueprint is very easy to unlock and Blush itself is a very effective headwear, that makes your character look cute. You can buy Blush off exchange anytime but if you look forward to unlocking stats rewards from it, I suggest to go for the Blush Blueprint instead. The quest isn’t difficult at all.

Blush Headwear - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Blush Headwear

Blush specs:

  • M.Def +10
  • Deposit Reward: M.Atk +6
  • Unlock Reward Atk +4.5

Blush Blueprint Quest

O'brien - Blush Blueprint NPC in Morroc - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

O’brien (Blush Blueprint NPC) location in Morroc

Go to Morroc and talk to O’brien (Morroc Continental Guard). He will request you to:

  • Take picture of Angeling – if you arrive too late, MVP’s body will still be available for taking a picture for a minute; you will know that you successfully photographed it when Angeling’s photo unlocks in your Adventure Handbook

Angeling spawns every 120 min in South Gate of Prontera. For exact respawn time, click on More > MVP (More is located on the left of the minimap).

Angeling - Blush Blueprint - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Angeling spawns every 120 min in South Gate of Prontera
  • Kill Angeling – you don’t need to be a MVP, all you have is to land a single hit; if Angeling kills you during the fight, remain dead until it’s killed on the same map (do not leave and revive in town!) – Angeling will get unlocked in your Adventure Handbook
  • Bring Light Granule to NPC; it’s one of Angeling’s drops (5.39%) but I suggest to buy it from exchange
Light Granule - Blush Blueprint
Light Granule
  • Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Blush Blueprint and you can head to Smile Assistance in Morroc to purchase Blush Blueprint for 569 Eden Coins.
Smile Assistance in Morroc - Blush Blueprint - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Smile Assistance in Morroc

You don’t need to talk to NPC inbetween the steps, you can arrange everything mentioned above at once and then head to O’brien for instant unlocking of Blush Blueprint.

If you have already taken photo and assisted in killing Angeling, you can move straight away to step 3. If you’re not sure, check if you have the records of Angeling in your Adventure Handbook unlocked.

Crafting Blush

Blush Blueprint - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

To craft Blush Blueprint, you will need:

  • 1x Blush Blueprint
  • 929x Scell
  • 86x Apple Juice

You can get mats from Exchange or farm on your own.
Scell is dropped by: Andre, Vitata (Ant Hell), Dustiness (Prontera North), Elder Willow (Payon South); all at ~25-30%
Apple Juice is dropped by: Poring 8.95% (Prontera South Gate), Lunatic 11.24% (Prontera South Gate), Obeaune 4.62% (Underwater Temple), Menblatt 9.87% (Mjolnir Mountains), Isis 6.54% (Pyramid 1F), Sohee 7.45% (Payon Cave 2F-3F), Wild Rose 9.1% (Kordt Forest), Marionette Doll 8.6% (Geffen Dungeon, Underground Geffen 2F)

Good luck!

Blush Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
My character wearing Blush
Video showing the location of the NPCs in Morroc

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