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Catch pet with 100% success rate

In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love pets are an important feature that lets us level up quickly, kill mobs faster or get rare and costly items. Each pet boosts our character’s stats, therefore it’s essential to choose a pet based not only on our likings but also the class synergy. Since the taming items are usually very expensive, it’s good to know a few tricks that let us catch a pet with 100% success rate in order not to waste any zeny.

You will need to:

  • Get a certain number of taming items (check the table below for the exact number)
  • Find the spot that isn’t too crowded, so that nobody snatches your pet
  • Disable autoattack and all offensive skills, so you only mark a pet instead of killing it

Getting taming items

Taming items can be purchased with either Colorful Shells or Zeny.
Colorful Shells are rare items obtainable through Pet Adventure or purchased with Big Cat Coins (premium currency). The Pet Material Shop NPC is located in South Prontera. Please note that you need high Adventurer Rank to purchase taming items for eg. Isis. For some pets you can’t get taming items through the NPC, therefore I suggest you to check out the Exchange and purchase taming items with Zeny.

Pet Material Shop NPC in South Prontera
Exchange NPC is located in every town

Catching pet with 100% success rate

In order to catch a pet with 100% success rate, you need to Present it a specified number of taming items before you attempt to catch it. 

PetTaming itemHow many
to present
Pet Location
PoringGreen Apple3Prontera South Field
Prontera North Field
LunaticRainbow Carrot3Prontera South Field
YoyoTropical Banana4Prontera West Field
Desert Wolf BabyWell-Dried Bone4Morroc
Savage BabeSweet Milk3Payon
Mandragora SeedNutrition Potion5Labyrinth Forest
Green PetiteShining Stone 6Glast Heim Outskirt
IsisArmlet of Obedience
6Pyramid 1F
DeviruchiContract in Shadow6Geffen Dungeon
Underground Geffen 2F
Glast Heim Chivalry
SoheeSilver Knife of Chastity7Payon Cave 2F
Payon Cave 3F
Baphomet Jr.Book of the Devil7Glast Heim Hall
Glast Heim Wing

Pet catching process

Video of the whole process described below
Btw. I purchased only 4 taming items because I had already 2 in my bag.

1. Warp with Kafra to the dungeon/field that has the monster you want to catch. Make sure you have in your bag the exact number of taming items that is mentioned in a table above!

2. Go More > Skills > Adventure Skills > Auto Attack and disable autoattack, so that when you click on the monster, you do not accidentally kill it.

3. Add the taming items to your hotkeys. Open your bag, click on blue “<” in bottom right corner and drag the taming item onto one hotkey place.

4. Click on the pet like you usually target the monsters. When you see that the monster has been targeted (its icon will appear in top left corner below your character’s avatar), click on the taming item and choose PRESENT.

Keep gifting the pet until the hearts around it turn yellow/gold, then click CATCH.

Red hearts – low chance of catching the pet (it’s purely a gamble, you can try to catch it without gifting but highly likely you will end up with twice as many taming items wasted)
Red + yellow hearts – medium chance
Yellow hearts – 100% success rate of catching a pet

Congratulations! New friend is going to assist you in your journey.


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