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Experience & Drop Rate Penalty due to level gap (difference) in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

When you are grinding or farming a certain item or card, you need to take under consideration your character and monster’s levels. If the level gap, also called level difference is too big (both ways!) not only will you receive less experience but also items’ drop rate will be highly reduced.

Check the table below for exact information.

When Monster Level is Higher

Level GapExp/Drop Penalty

In short, if you are level 20 and monster is level 35, the experience and drop rate will be multiplied by 0.8 (because the penalty equals to 20%). So instead of eg. 100 exp and 10% chance to drop a certain item, you will receive 80 exp and drop rate for a certain item will be 8%.

When Character Level is Higher

Level GapExp/Drop Penalty

Example: if you are level 40 and the monster is level 9 (over 30 levels difference in favor of you), the exp/drop penalty is 90%. Therefore you should multiply the basic exp gain/drop rate by 0.1. If the exp gained during 0-10 level difference is 100, when the gap is over 30 levels, exp gained will equal to 10. Consequently, drop rate instead of basic 10% will be now 1%.

Cards drop rates are influenced by the penalties as well, so forget farming for that Minorous card as a level 99 Wizard unless you don’t mind the 90% reduced droprate… Remember that the reduction is never a 100% one, so if extremely lucky even a 110 level character can drop a Poring card.

Pet Adventure compensates for it greatly however. You can create an alternate character and farm cards through Pet Adventure and if needed, transfer through mutual storage.


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