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How to get Quiver Blueprint and craft Quiver // Arrow Bag (hidden headwear quest)

You can grab Quiver Blueprint off exchange for ~700k zeny (current price on SEA servers) or get it on your own in a painless and fast way and save therefore at least 150-200k.

Quiver Stats

Quiver/Arrow Bag is a fantastic Back Equipment for Archer class, that offers:

  • Ranged Atk +7%
  • Deposit reward: Atk +6
  • Unlock reward: Max HP +24

To get Quiver BluePrint, you will need:

  • 45 Zircon (~10-11k zeny/ea)

You can obtain it from Lucky Shop (NPC in every town, you can purchase it at random times with Eden Coins), Pet Labor, Pet Adventure or from the following monsters: Goblin(Knife)★, Goblin(Buckler)★, Goblin(Hammer)★, Goblin(Spear)★, Goblin(Axe)★, Rotar Zairo (Mini Boss), Goblin Leader (MVP).
Please note these are Star★, Mini Boss and MVP monsters, therefore powerful and difficult to find. I suggest to purchase Zircons from Exchange.

When you have 45 Zircons already in your bag, head to Goblin Forest (map on the left from Geffen). There will be a NPC – Addie West Road waiting for you and your Zircons.

Addie West Road in Goblin Forest (Quiver Blueprint NPC)

Talk to him about the Goblin’s Quiver and at the end click Trade. You will exchange your Zircons for the blueprint.

Congrats! Now you can sell it on Exchange for easy 150-200k zeny income or process further to craft this hidden headwear.

You will need the following materials:

  • 1 Quiver Blueprint
  • 15 Zircon
  • 270 Sticky Mucus
  • 17 Coal
  • 3 Fabric

Good luck!


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