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How to unlock Assistant + Assistant Guide in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

When you reach character level 20, you are able to hire the Assistant. They will reward you for doing daily and weekly tasks with very lucrative gifts, among which are Big Cat Vouchers, which you can exchange for premium Gashapon Headwear in the Headwear Machine or for gifts from Fantasy Generator Feast. In addition to this, Assistant will give us Adventure Meatballs and Eden Coins if we are consistent and regular with our assignments.

How to hire an assistant

When you get to level 20, head right away to Prontera Royal – its entrance is located at the very top of Prontera.

Prontera Royal entrance - How to hire Assistant - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Prontera Royal entrance

You can choose either a female assistant – Kemilia or male one – Detura. There is no difference between them besides their looks and gender. You can change the assistant anytime in the future.

Kemilia and Detura - How to hire assistant - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Kemilia and Detura

Earning intimacy points

There are various tasks that upon completion give us various rewards – Adventure Meatballs, Big Cat Vouchers, Eden Coins and more. Assistant gives us one-time quest as well as repetitive ones.

Assistant Quests - Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
Example of non-repetitive quests (rewards shown in bottom-left corner)

Daily repeatable tasks:

  • 25 Points – Mission Board (complete all board quests, 5 points per 2 missions)
  • 15 points – Adventure (time/stamina used up in combat; 5 points per 100 min)
  • 15 points – Pet Adventure (send pets to an adventure through the Pet Adventure Guide)
  • 15 Points – Time Rift (finishing 5 Time Rifts, can be done instantly through Adventure Meatballs)
  • 10 Points – Training Ground (can be done instantly through Adventure Meatballs)
  • 10 Points – Monster Resistance (finishing 2 quests – 5 points per 1 quest)
  • 10 Points – Guild Donation (donate mats in your guild in exchange for contribution)
  • 10 Points – Constellation Guidance (finish the Zodiac Guidance in Prontera, while holding hand with your friend)
  • 10 Points – Delicacy (eat cooked food)
  • 10 Points – Arena Duel (kill 1 player in Arena)
  • 5 Points – Listening to music (listed to Music Box in South Prontera for at least 1 minute)
  • 5 Points – Pet Labour (collect rewards from Pet Labour)

Weekly repeatable tasks:

  • 15 Points – Valhalla Ruins (kill bosses 5 times; VR can be taken up with your guildmates)
  • 15 Points – Endless Tower (finish 60 floors with your party)

Please note that intimacy points sum up for whole account, so you can only get eg. one Big Cat Voucher a day. If you have three characters and you finish Pet Adventure quests on each, your intimacy level account-wide will equal to 45/100.

Intimacy points reset everyday (at the server’s reset time) back to 0, so remember to claim the rewards.

Rewards for intimacy points

20 Intimacy5x Adventure MeatballPet Adventure, Instant Daily Quests
40 Intimacy 50x Eden CoinsLucky Shop, Smile Assistance (blueprints)
60 Intimacy1x Big Cat Voucher – Feast (orange ticket)Fantasy Generator Feast (gashapon in Prontera during events)
80 Intimacy10,000x Zeny
100 Intimacy1x Big Cat Voucher I (blue ticket)Premium Headwear Gashapon in Prontera
Claiming rewards for intimacy points through Assistant

Finance report

Upon clicking on Finance tab while having the Assistant opened, you can see the items’ price and volume analysis on Exchange.

Once again, don’t forget to claim the rewards daily! You need 30 Big Cat Vouchers after all to take part in the Gashapon lottery.


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