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January 2019 Premium VIP Card in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (Exclusive headwear: Frost Clip)

The Premium Card for January 2019 unlocks an exclusive headwear: Frost Clip. Its style is very similar to December and January’s headwear gashapon. The stats aren’t impressive either and the deposit reward is mediocre.

  • Max HP +150
  • Def +8
  • M.Def +9
  • Deposit reward: Max HP +30
  • Unlock reward: None
  • Adventure Handbook reward: +100 Adventure EXP
Female character wearing Frost Clip

You can purchase the January 2019 Premium Card + 12 BCC bundle for $10 through the in-app Recharge Shop or through Official Recharge (for people outside of SEA) via

Another possibility is grabbing it through the Exchange. Currently the price is about 2.5kk but it usually gets about 500k cheaper mid-month. You can still buy the December Premium Card through the exchange for some time (November one is unavailable already however).

Perks of premium

  • During Premium time, the number of times for lightning chain is unlimited
  • During Premium time, Bag slot + 30
  • While active, pets can work in 1 more place at a time
  • While active, pet working place “Kafra Company” is available
  • During Premium time, when pets give themselves gifts, the number gifts will double
  • During Premium time, no level limit for taking out items from Storage
  • You can have one B level food from the Food Merchant for free everyday, and purchase one more for half price
  • During Premium time, Kafra company can Teleport you to more places
  • During Premium time, MVP interface has increased mini info
  • While active. Ymir’s notebook save slot + 1
  • Premiums can be traded in the exchange
  • The validity period of the above functions is 31 days

Remember that Premium effect is not account-wide! It applies only to a single character, you opened the card on!

Video showing using the January 2019 Premium Card

Happy New Year!


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