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Scout Class Quest: Adventurer Rank Guide

You start your Ragnarok Online journey as the Apprentice. The moment you reach Adventure Handbook level 5, you are able to advance to Scout.

Upgrading your rank will unlock bonus stats and new adventurer skills.

1. Head to Kakaro – Adventurer NPC located in Prontera.

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2. Talk to Charlie Wilson. NPC is located in West Prontera, at the very bottom. He will request you to take a photo of Yoyo in the given spot. 

3. When you reach the spot, you will be able to take a picture. Make sure to include Yoyo in the background (a green camera indicator will appear all over it).

The spot is located in top of the West Prontera

4. Go back to Charlie Wilson and finish the quest. Talk to it again, NPC will request you to kill 100 Rockers.

5. Kill 100 Rockers or assist in killing them (your party member can do it or you can just single hit them, while other players finish them off).

6. Talk to Charlie Wilson again after you kill 100/100 Rockers.

7. Go back to Kakaro (Adventurer NPC), the NPC you talked to in first step. Hand over the quest.

8. Congratulations! You’ve become a Scout.

If Kakaro (Adventurer NPC) isn’t giving you the quest, head straight to Charlie Wilson in Prontera West. There is a high chance you had already accepted the Scout Quest in past.


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  1. greetings!, im now adventurer lvl 13 but im still a scout. i already talked to charlie wilson of west prontera bur nothing happen. =( any advise regarding this? hope to hear some advise soon =( please help (-_-)

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