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SnowWorld Fairylates – Crystal Flake: January Gashapon

For a limited time (01/01 – 01/02) you can get SnowWorld Fairytales – Crystal Flake headgears for a discounted price of 21 BBC (instead of usual 30 BCC for older Headwear Gashapon or 30 Big Cat Voucher I (discount doesn’t apply to this form) on SEA servers. All jobs regardless the level can wear the gasha headgear.

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You can find the Headwear Gashapon in Prontera.

Headwear Gashapon NPC

With each try, you have a certain % chance to roll a given headwear. The % chance for rare items doesn’t increase despite the number of tries, it’s static.

The % chance to drop each headwear

Each headwear gives you various deposit and/or unlock stats boosts. Check the gallery below for the exact information (click on the images to zoom them).

  • Frost Masquerade Mask
  • Frost Winter Whisper Rosette [1]
  • Frost Mistletoe
  • Frost Wishes
  • Shiv Nova
  • Frost Rosa
My character wearing some of the January’s gasha headgears
SnowWorld Fairylates - Crystal Flake: January Gashapon: Frost Clip, Frost Masquerade Mask, Frost Winter Whisper Rosette, Frost Mistletoe, Frost Wishes, Shiv Nova, Frost Rosa

My personal rating of this month's gasha


I think this gasha looks basically the same as the previous one, the color scheme is identical and therefore many classes will not look fine wearing those.

User Rating: 3.75 ( 1 votes)

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