Monday , December 9 2019

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SnowWorld Fairylates – Crystal Flake: January Gashapon

For a limited time (01/01 – 01/02) you can get SnowWorld Fairytales – Crystal Flake headgears for a discounted price of 21 BBC (instead of usual 30 BCC for older Headwear Gashapon or 30 Big Cat Voucher I (discount doesn’t apply to this form) on SEA servers. All jobs regardless the level can wear the gasha …

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Scout Class Quest: Adventurer Rank Guide

You start your Ragnarok Online journey as the Apprentice. The moment you reach Adventure Handbook level 5, you are able to advance to Scout. Upgrading your rank will unlock bonus stats and new adventurer skills. 1. Head to Kakaro – Adventurer NPC located in Prontera. Click on the image to …

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How to increase Pet Intimacy

Unlike in Classic RO, focusing on your pet’s development in ROM: EL is very profitable. The pet will assist us in battles, boost our characters’ stats and provide us with various items (often rare ones!) from Pet Adventure or Pet Labor. The higher pet’s level and pet’s intimacy are, the …

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How to get Gold Poring skin

You can choose the skin of your pet completely free of charge when you reach Intimacy level 10. It’s a pure cosmetic change as in terms of stats, they remain the same as when the basic skin is chosen. In my opinion the fastest and cheapest way is to purchase …

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